Let’s Talk About Submission...


Among all the unpopular sections of the New Testament, this verse sits near the top. How can a pastor, who is following Jesus, tell women, children, and slaves to be submissive? And how can this possibly be good, liberating news today, not just for some people, but for everyone?

So let’s do it: Let’s talk about submission!

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A Train, A Satellite, A Table, A Wave

1 Corinthians 12
Kevin Makins

This sermon kicks off thirteen weeks learning about the core convictions of our Christian Way; perhaps best captured in the Apostles' Creed.

How can a Creed that is nearly 2000 years old still serve and build up the church today? 

Let's start by understanding the Creed with four metaphors: the Creed is a train, a satellite, a table, and a wave.

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Broken Bones in the Body

Broken Bones in the Body

Family Reunion
1 Corinthians 12, John 17, Ephesians 2
Bernadette Arthur

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How can we be the reconciled body of Christ if parts of our body have been broken or cut off? Bernadette Arthur, who works for the Christian Reformed Church as a race and relations coordinator, preaches holy fire, and reminds us that reconciliation ALWAYS will cost something.

Left Foot, Right Foot (Same Page Sunday 2014)

2014.09.14 - Kevin Makins - Same Page Sunday 2014

Left Foot, Right Foot

Matthew 28, Ephesians 4

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It’s been four years… FOUR YEARS of being a congregation! How are we doing? What’s next? What is the POINT of this “being the church thing?”

And the question everyone is really asking: how can we avoid dragging a foot?

Alcohol: Party Like Jesus - So What?


2014.06.15 - Kevin Makins - So What?

Alcohol: Party Like Jesus

John 2, Psalm 104, Joel 3, Amos 9, Proverbs 23, Titus 2, Ephesians 5, Isaiah 5, 1 Corinthians 11, 1 Peter 4, Romans 14, Matthew 11

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Should Christians drink alcohol? If not, why? If so, how?

And is there a way to enjoy alcohol that doesn’t devolve into harsh judgements, or dumb decisions, or long lists of rules, or selfishness, or vomit-in-your-hair? What does the bible say about alcohol?

Well apparently a lot! (Seriously, look at all there verses up there)

This sermon is a fairly lengthy exploration of alcohol in the bible, but it’s ultimately asking one simple question: how did Jesus drink?

This Isn't Easy - The Cost of Incarnational Peace-Making


2012.11.11 - Wendy Gritter - This Isn’t Easy

The Cost of Incarnational Peace-Making

John 1, Philippians 4, Matthew 5, Ephesians 2, John 17

Wendy Gritter returns to the Eucharist pulpit with a compelling and powerful teaching on being like Christ: incarnational and peace making. 

Wendy shares from her own experience working with the lgbtq community and calls for Jesus disciples to do the difficult work of trusting the Holy Spirit.

(Forgive the recording again, still working out some new problems!)

Music starts 65 minutes in.

Liturgy: Why We Gather and Why It Matters - Community


2012.09.23 - Dave Witt - Liturgy: Why We Gather and Why It Matters


Romans 12, Romans 15, Hebrews 10, Ephesians 2

Dave Witt preaches a brilliant sermon on community, mission, and how we can’t separate the two.

It’s also interesting and fun and insightful and stuff.

Music starts 37 minutes in.

Liturgy: Why We Gather and Why It Matters - Song


2012.09.16 - Kevin Makins - Liturgy: Why We Gather and Why It Matters


Revelation 4 and 5, Ephesians 5

When we get together, one of the things we do most is sing.

Let’s be honest… it’s sort of weird! Why do we sing to God? Why does God want us to worship Him? Is He some sort of egotistical maniac?! 

A sermon about why and how we sing, and the many who’s we sing too.

Music starts 37 minutes in.

Soma: 1 Corinthians - Corporate Demons


2012.03.18 - Kevin Makins - Soma: 1 Corinthians

Corporate Demons

1 Corinthians 10:14-22, Ephesians 6, Revelation 2

This has quickly become one of the most debated and controversial topics we’ve ever had as a church! 

Paul makes a connection between Corinth’s idols, and demons, which leads us to ask “what are the demons today?” and “how should we engage with the powers?”

There are no simple answers, but it is a conversation we all need to have, and one that will require us to take action! 

Additionally, because of all the conversation this sermon started, we’ve added a B-Sides BonusCast to the end of the episode, with some further reflections.

This should be fun…

Music led by Tim Selles and Jeff Wynands - starts 51 minutes in.

B-Sides BonusCast starts 61 minutes in.

Leanne Friesen - Setting the Table: The Bride

Matthew 9, John 3, 2 Corinthians 11, Ephesians 5, Revelation 19 & 21

The twenty-first sermon of our 23 week series “Setting the Table” - exploring the narrative of Scripture.

The first Christians used different metaphors to describe the church; family, body, temple.

But perhaps the most beautiful image of all is the church as the Bride of Christ.

Kevin Makins - Setting the Table: The Mystery of Christ

Ephesians 2-3, Galatians 6

The twentieth sermon of our 23 week series “Setting the Table” - exploring the narrative of Scripture.

The battle is over, the enemy has been defeated, the church has formed, and we are left with unanswered questions: Who is the real family of God? What is the covenant now? How do we partner with God? What, or who, is the church? 

It is at this point, in the dust of the great battle, that the secrets hidden in the mind of God for all eternity can finally be revealed.