There are a number of ways you can give financially,
and partner with us in sharing the good news with downtown Hamilton

Looking to support Eucharist but not a part of our congregation?

The easiest way for you to give a one time gift is through "Canada Helps!" While they do take a small percentage of the gift, on smaller donations, or one time donations, it's simple and easy. Click the button to the right to give. 

A part of our congregation, or looking to support us regularly? 2 Good Options!

Sunday Giving

Every Sunday we have a box for people to give offerings. There are envelops next to the box, and if you put your address and name on the front, we'll get you you're own "Giving Number" so that you can receive tax receipts. Cheques can be made out to "Eucharist Church of Hamilton."

E-transfer’s can be made to

Cheque's can also be mailed to:

Eucharist Church
130 Victoria Ave N
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
L8L 5E5


Automated Giving

If you're like many of us and forget to bring offerings on Sunday, or want to simplify the process, the best way to do so is through Pre-Authorized Deposit (PAD) - this allows you to give regularly from your account, without having to pay a middle-person a percentage of your giving.

It means every dollar you give will go right to the work of God in Eucharist. 

If you do not currently give to Eucharist, you can click the button above to download a PAD form, which can be dropped off in the giving box any Sunday or mailed to:

Eucharist Church
130 Victoria Ave N
Hamilton Ontario, Canada
L8L 5E5

If you currently give via PAD but would like to change your giving amount, you can email the finance team using the box at the bottom of the page.

A Theology of Giving?

For many people, giving is a pretty new idea! Money is something we often think about, but rarely do we reflect on it together. Why should Christians give? How much should we give? Where should we give? These are questions we want to answer together! If these are questions you are asking, below are two sermon series we'd point you to. If you only have time for one sermon, or are looking for a place to start, click the button to the right to listen to a sermon by Dr. David Barker gives a great biblical overview of giving to the local church.

Sermon Series on Giving:

Eucharist Sermon Series - Both God & Money
- This is our sermon series on giving from way back in year one

The Meeting House Sermon Series - Earn, Save, Give
- This is a teaching series we have shamelessly stolen from our brothers and sisters at The Meeting House. Their study on giving is really great


Finally, if you have any questions about giving,
or would like to change the amount of your PAD giving
please message our finance team by using the form below:

Name *