Kevin Makins - The Things That Make For Peace: Hell

Matthew 25, Revelation 21-22

Jesus teaches us that violence does not win, that true power comes through sacrifice, that there is always a third way; but in the end, does he throw billions of people into fire forever?

In the end, does Jesus return with the biggest sword of all? Does violence truly have the last word?

A sermon about peace, justice, and yes, hell.

Kevin Makins - The Things That Make For Peace: Zacchaeus

Luke 19

On his way to Jerusalem, Jesus meets a tax collector named Zacchaeus. Lots of people know how this story goes: Zacchaeus climbs a tree, Jesus calls him down, they go for dinner, Zacchaeus repents, etc. etc. 

And that’s where our telling of the story ends, but the text goes on - because you can’t leave destructive systems behind without serious consequences. 

Zacchaeus’ story isn’t over yet.