Alcohol: Party Like Jesus - So What?


2014.06.15 - Kevin Makins - So What?

Alcohol: Party Like Jesus

John 2, Psalm 104, Joel 3, Amos 9, Proverbs 23, Titus 2, Ephesians 5, Isaiah 5, 1 Corinthians 11, 1 Peter 4, Romans 14, Matthew 11

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Should Christians drink alcohol? If not, why? If so, how?

And is there a way to enjoy alcohol that doesn’t devolve into harsh judgements, or dumb decisions, or long lists of rules, or selfishness, or vomit-in-your-hair? What does the bible say about alcohol?

Well apparently a lot! (Seriously, look at all there verses up there)

This sermon is a fairly lengthy exploration of alcohol in the bible, but it’s ultimately asking one simple question: how did Jesus drink?

Soma: 1 Corinthians - Love is the Wizard


2012.02.19 - Kevin Makins - Soma: 1 Corinthians

Love is the Wizard

1 Corinthians 8

Can Christians: smoke, vote, drink, get tattoos, use facebook, text, watch R rated movies, swear, be cops, or go to porn conventions for Jesus?

Paul’s response? It all comes back to meat sacrificed to idols.

Music led by Alex Drumm and Justine Kormann - starts 52 minutes in.