This Isn't Easy - The Cost of Incarnational Peace-Making


2012.11.11 - Wendy Gritter - This Isn’t Easy

The Cost of Incarnational Peace-Making

John 1, Philippians 4, Matthew 5, Ephesians 2, John 17

Wendy Gritter returns to the Eucharist pulpit with a compelling and powerful teaching on being like Christ: incarnational and peace making. 

Wendy shares from her own experience working with the lgbtq community and calls for Jesus disciples to do the difficult work of trusting the Holy Spirit.

(Forgive the recording again, still working out some new problems!)

Music starts 65 minutes in.

Advent 2011: Angels

Angels2011.12.18 - Wendy Gritter - Advent 2011


Genesis 28, Ezekiel 1, Hebrews 1

The way you view the birth of Jesus depends a lot on where you’re standing.

For Advent this year we are going to look at the Christmas narrative from multiple perspectives, and ask the question: “how did each group view the incarnation?”

This week we look at the angels. What did the angels think about the incarnation?

Wendy Gritter returns to the Eucharist pulpit to help us become aware of the created connectors all around us, and the ways heaven and earth collide!

Monologue written by Alex Drumm and performed by Paige Louter

Music led by Justine Kormann - starts 53 min in

Wendy Gritter - Setting the Table: The Subversive Ethic of Jesus

Matthew 5, 7, 22; Luke 6 & 7

The sixteenth sermon of our 23 week series “Setting the Table” - exploring the narrative of Scripture.

Wendy Gritter of New Directions Minsitries shares with us the subversive, dangerous, beautiful and compelling ethic of Jesus!

How did Jesus treat people on the margins of his society? How does this affect the way we treat people the church has often alienated or hurt? Are we really called to live like Jesus (and risk being crucified)? 

Wendy speaks particularly of her own experience working with those who struggle to reconcile their faith and their sexuality, challenging us to understand and recapture the ethic of Jesus. An incredibly important, and timely, message.