Alcohol: Party Like Jesus - So What?


2014.06.15 - Kevin Makins - So What?

Alcohol: Party Like Jesus

John 2, Psalm 104, Joel 3, Amos 9, Proverbs 23, Titus 2, Ephesians 5, Isaiah 5, 1 Corinthians 11, 1 Peter 4, Romans 14, Matthew 11

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Should Christians drink alcohol? If not, why? If so, how?

And is there a way to enjoy alcohol that doesn’t devolve into harsh judgements, or dumb decisions, or long lists of rules, or selfishness, or vomit-in-your-hair? What does the bible say about alcohol?

Well apparently a lot! (Seriously, look at all there verses up there)

This sermon is a fairly lengthy exploration of alcohol in the bible, but it’s ultimately asking one simple question: how did Jesus drink?

Soma: 1 Corinthians - Something That Is Already Ours In Christ


2012.05.20 - Kevin Makins - Soma: 1 Corinthians

Something That Is Already Ours In Christ

1 Corinthians 13, 1 John 4

In 2006 a study was done to see what non-believers thought of Christians. 

91% said that Christian’s were “anti-homosexual”. This was the predominant association in most of their minds. Other associations included “judgmental”, “hypocritical”, and “insensitive to others”. 

The climax of 1 Corinthians also points to the engine of the entire Christian faith: love. Have we missed our primary calling?

Music led by Joel Cumby - starts 47 minutes in.