How a Pinky Feels


2014.11.16 - Kevin Makins

How a Pinky Feels

Galatians 5, 1 Corinthians 12

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The church is called to be a diverse group of people, united across all the traditional tribal lines of age, gender, background, culture, status, etc.

It’s a lovely vision, isn’t it? Only one problem: it’s really, really friggen hard to feel like an outsider, or to feel like you’re just DIFFERENT from everyone else.

What does the gospel say to united groups of diverse people?

Sex: Lines in the Sand - So What?


2014.05.25 - Kevin Makins - So What?

Sex: Lines in the Sand

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John 7-8, Matthew 5, 1 Corinthians 6, Galatians 5, Romans 1, Hebrews 13, 1 Timothy 1, Genesis 1, Song of Songs

Here it is: the most important (and awkward) topic on the list! We are surrounded by sex in our culture, but our culture fails to understand it. Our culture is sex OBSESSED, but is still as lonely and disconnected as ever. We are in desperate need of a better word on sex, and the church has tried to bring this word.

The problem is that sometimes, in trying to bring a good word, the church has heaped shame, judgement, and pain on people .

There must be a better way to talk about, and practice, sex as Jesus followers.

Additionally, there is reference to another sermon on sex that has been preached at Eucharist, that covers some additional ground. You can find that sermon by clicking here!

Bread & Wine 2011 - We Need Bigger Tables

2011.09.11 - Kevin Makins - Bread & Wine 2011: We Need Bigger Tables

Deuteronomy 16; Matthew 11; Luke 14; Galatians 3; Colossians 1; Revelation 7

We kick off year two of Eucharist Church by revisiting our first series: “Bread & Wine.”

If asked what the central image of the Christian story is, most of us would respond with “the cross.”

That would be a pretty good answer.

Certainly the cross is crucial, and absolutely key to the Christian story, but there is another image that is perhaps just as significant as the cross. That image in the table.

From beginning to end, the biblical story points to the table as the place where salvation and new life is found. And the table keeps getting bigger.

Music led by Joel Cumby and friends - starts 43 min in.

Kevin Makins - Setting the Table: The Mystery of Christ

Ephesians 2-3, Galatians 6

The twentieth sermon of our 23 week series “Setting the Table” - exploring the narrative of Scripture.

The battle is over, the enemy has been defeated, the church has formed, and we are left with unanswered questions: Who is the real family of God? What is the covenant now? How do we partner with God? What, or who, is the church? 

It is at this point, in the dust of the great battle, that the secrets hidden in the mind of God for all eternity can finally be revealed.

Kevin Makins - Setting the Table: Law, or, Put Flesh And Blood On It

Exodus 19-20, Matthew 5 & Galatians 3

The sixth sermon of our 23 week series “Setting the Table” - exploring the narrative of Scripture.

Rescued from slavery, God’s chosen people are led to a mountain where they receive a law they are to live by. 

The idea of “the law” tends to bring to mind lists of rules and regulations; ways we can do “good things” to earn God’s acceptance, and avoid the “bad things” that would make him angry.

But what if this totally misses the point? What if the law is actually far more good and true and beautiful than we think? 

What does the law tell us about humanity, and perhaps more importantly, the God who created us?