Bread & Wine 2011 - We Need Bigger Tables

2011.09.11 - Kevin Makins - Bread & Wine 2011: We Need Bigger Tables

Deuteronomy 16; Matthew 11; Luke 14; Galatians 3; Colossians 1; Revelation 7

We kick off year two of Eucharist Church by revisiting our first series: “Bread & Wine.”

If asked what the central image of the Christian story is, most of us would respond with “the cross.”

That would be a pretty good answer.

Certainly the cross is crucial, and absolutely key to the Christian story, but there is another image that is perhaps just as significant as the cross. That image in the table.

From beginning to end, the biblical story points to the table as the place where salvation and new life is found. And the table keeps getting bigger.

Music led by Joel Cumby and friends - starts 43 min in.