Roots and Practices - Church in the Wild


2014.04.06 - Justine Lodder - Church in the Wild

Roots and Practices

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Daniel 1, 6

Justine Lodder preaches on the story of Daniel, and how the smallest things we do can shape us.

Epilogue story is told by Kevin Makins

Music is led by Joel Cumby, starts 35 minutes in.

Back to the Future - Corporate Demons


2013.05.12 - Kevin Makins - Back To The Future: Old Sermons That Shaped Us

Corporate Demons

1 Corinthians 8 and 10, Revelation 2 and 3, Daniel 7

This sermon got the most feedback (positive AND negative) of any sermon preached at Eucharist! It’s about one of the ways that spiritual warfare presents itself in our culture.

Reading by Terri Drumm is from her blog post “Our weird relationship with clothing”

Sandy Reynolds read for Mother’s Day from the blog “The Messy Middle”


This sermon is a “re-preach” of an earlier sermon at Eucharist. You can re-listen to the original sermon (from March 2012) by clicking here!

GET BEHIND ME SANTA! - Get Behind Me, Satan

The Light of the World

2012.12.16 - Kevin Makins - GET BEHIND ME SANTA!

Get Behind Me, Satan

Daniel 7, Matthew 16

“Son of Man” was an apocalyptic phrase that lived in the imagination of the Jewish people. At the time of Jesus, people were looking for the Son of Man, the one who would overthrow their enemies and bring them victory and peace.

But things aren’t going to go exactly as they planned.

How do we respond when the story changes, when things get flipped on to their head?

Sometimes, we become the Satan.

Music led by Aaron Craig - starts 34 minutes in.

GET BEHIND ME SANTA! - The Christitunity of Apocalypse

The Light of the World

2012.12.09 - Chris Cuthill - GET BEHIND ME SANTA!

The Christitunity of Apocalypse

Daniel 7

Chris Cuthill, professor at Redeemer University (teaching such fine courses as art, art history and pop-culture) looks at times of great change throughout history, the evils and fears present in them, and at how Christians have responded using Apocalyptic language and imagery.

He also talks about Pope-pooping devils, Trans-Ams covered in Revelation, the spirituality of zombies, and Homer Simpson.

It’s a real good one.

Raw demo of Brett Klassen/DJ CLUTCH’s cover of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - starts 39 minutes in.

Music led by Aaron Craig - starts 44 minutes in.

Soma: 1 Corinthians - Judging in the Present, Preparing for the Future


2012.01.15 - Greg Reader - Soma: 1 Corinthians

Judging in the Present, Preparing for the Future

1 Corinthians 6, Daniel 7, Matthew 5 &18, Acts 2

Greg Reader is tagged in to tackle 1 Corinthians 6, and continue our “micro-series” on judgment in the church.

“Do you not know that you will judge Angels?” asks the Apostle Paul. Well, no, actually Paul I didn’t know that.

What does it mean that we will judge the world? What does it mean to rule with Christ? And how exactly does that affect our day to day living, right here and right now?

Music led by Joel Cumby and friends - starts 1 hour and 2 minutes in.