Creative: Third Way Thinking

2015.10.11 - Kevin Makins - Our Weird Church
Creative: Third Way Thinking

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When people think creativity they often go right to eccentric artists with paint all over their faces… and we’ve got a few of those in our congregation.

But being creative is about WAY more than the arts.

Creativity is for everyone! And it’s the only way to follow Christ in an increasingly polarized world.

GET BEHIND ME SANTA! - The Christitunity of Apocalypse

The Light of the World

2012.12.09 - Chris Cuthill - GET BEHIND ME SANTA!

The Christitunity of Apocalypse

Daniel 7

Chris Cuthill, professor at Redeemer University (teaching such fine courses as art, art history and pop-culture) looks at times of great change throughout history, the evils and fears present in them, and at how Christians have responded using Apocalyptic language and imagery.

He also talks about Pope-pooping devils, Trans-Ams covered in Revelation, the spirituality of zombies, and Homer Simpson.

It’s a real good one.

Raw demo of Brett Klassen/DJ CLUTCH’s cover of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - starts 39 minutes in.

Music led by Aaron Craig - starts 44 minutes in.