Kevin Makins - The Things That Make For Peace: Zacchaeus

Luke 19

On his way to Jerusalem, Jesus meets a tax collector named Zacchaeus. Lots of people know how this story goes: Zacchaeus climbs a tree, Jesus calls him down, they go for dinner, Zacchaeus repents, etc. etc. 

And that’s where our telling of the story ends, but the text goes on - because you can’t leave destructive systems behind without serious consequences. 

Zacchaeus’ story isn’t over yet.

Kevin Makins - The Things That Make For Peace: Third

Matthew 5

Many of Jesus’ sayings have found their way into our own culture. You will still hear people encouraging others to “turn the other cheek” and “go the extra mile”. Sometimes, we can hear these phrases so much that they actually become a little dull to our ears; they lose their teeth.

But to Jesus and his disciples, these were radical, loaded statements about how to combat violence. When presented with two options, Jesus always points to a third way.

David Barker - The Things That Make For Peace: Sabbath

Mark 2, Deuteronomy 5

There is perhaps no sin more rewarded in our North American culture than the sin of Sabbath breaking. In the midst of a busy world that values productivity above all, Jesus’ teachings on Sabbath become an act of rebellion against the empires of our world.

Sabbath makes for peace.

Kevin Makins - The Things That Make For Peace: Violence

Luke 4

For the season of Lent, we are going to be looking at the peace teachings of Jesus.

It is a sad irony that “the things that make for peace” rarely result in peace right away. We could all think of times when a peaceful act has brought about an aggressive reaction - when Jesus brought a word of peace; he often received violence. 

How did Jesus respond to acts of violence? How should we?