The Nazis of the Ancient World - The Sign of Jonah


2014.09.29 - Kevin Makins - The Sign of Jonah

The Nazis of the Ancient World

Jonah 1

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The world Jesus lived in was ruled over by the Roman Empire. Nearly a millennium before Jesus, there lived a man named Jonah.

And the world of Jonah had it’s own Empire: the Assyrians.

And the capital city of Assyria? Nineveh.

As we dive into the text of Jonah, we also dive into the world he inhabited, and it is most certainly a violent, depraved, and wicked world.

Two side notes: 

1) The quality of the recording this week is… subpar. It’s listenable, but not great. Listen at your own risk!

2) This sermon has a fairly large audio clip from Dan Carlin’s “Hardcore History” - the clip is about 10 minutes, but the full episode comes in at over an hour. It’s ABSOLUTELY worth listening to if you want to understand more about the Assyrians and the city of Nineveh.

To download the rest of the episode visit this link:

For more podcasts from Dan Carlin, including his “Hardcore History” series, visit

Dan, you are incredibly smart, interesting, and talented. Please don’t sue our little church. xoxo

Pray and Breathe


2014.02.09 - Prayer 2014 - Jill Weber

Pray and Breathe

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Jill Weber, of the Greater Ontario House of Prayer, joined us to talk about prayer, breathing, and simple everyday disciplines for ordinary disciples!

Her teaching is designed to include moments of pause and prayer, so please don’t rush through it, and feel free to take part in the activities… even if you’re doing the dishes or driving or cleaning!They don’t require you to close your eyes or anything.

There is also a gorgeous banjo/loud voiced hymn at the one hour mark.