The One Thing You Can Know About Your Future


After four weeks of looking back we were set to spend one week looking forward. At least that was the plan. But then it got messed up. Because if there is one thing we've learned by telling our story back, it's that we have very little idea where any of this is going.

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Liturgy: Why We Gather and Why It Matters - Liturgy

liturgy2012.09.09 - Kevin Makins - Liturgy: Why We Gather and Why It Matters


Hebrews 10, Matthew 22, James 2, Matthew 7

Eucharist Church meets Sunday afternoons. Sunday afternoons are PRIME real estate for being lazy and relaxing. But week after week, dozens of people bike, bus, drive and walk to join together in worship… why?

What’s the point of gathering as a church every week? In an age of podcasts and audio lectures and books, aren’t their better ways to learn about God?

Why do we gather? And does it really matter?

Music starts 32 minutes in.

(Additional resources, see James K. A. Smith - Desiring the Kingdom, and also Gideon Strauss’ lectures Wonder, Heartbreak and Hope)