Mustard Seeds. - Go Tell That Fox


2013.02.24 - Kevin Makins - Mustard Seeds.

Go Tell That Fox

Luke 13

This text is Jesus at his absolute coolest. He is just SO COOL in this text. 

So cool.

A sermon about foxes, fire, selling security systems on the side of the road, tetrarchs, sin, and how annoying it is to name all your children “Herod.”

Music led by Rachel Van Oostveen - starts 42 minutes in.

GET BEHIND ME SANTA! - An Apocalyptic Advent

The Light of the World

2012.12.02 - Kevin Makins and Dave Witt - GET BEHIND ME SANTA!

An Apocalyptic Advent

Revelation 4, Revelation 17, Acts 19

You would not believe all the resistance we’ve faced getting ready for the Apocalyptic Advent this year. 

Part of that resistance is that for the first time in over two years, BOTH of the audio files that record the weekly sermon were corrupted. This, along with about a dozen other factors, gives us a sense that there may be some other powers at work in this whole thing. Powers that don’t like the idea of being exposed, which is what this whole sermon series is about.

But while the powers can corrupt our audio files, they can never silence our podcasting!

So Dave Witt and myself gathered in a local coffee shop to go over the basic ideas of what an Apocalyptic Advent looks like, and why we think it’s such a crucial tool for us to use this season.

Time to get apocalyptic!

Music led by Aaron Craig - starts 34 minutes in.