Bread & Wine 2011 - F(e)asting

2011.09.25 - Kevin Makins - Bread & Wine 2011: F(e)asting

Mark 2; Zechariah 8

We kick off year two of Eucharist Church by revisiting our first series: “Bread & Wine.”

The Christian has to know how to lament, and how to praise. How to mourn, and how to celebrate. How to recognize both exile and home.

This week was our attempt at a liturgy combining feasting, fasting, and maranatha.

Music led by Tim Selles and Jeff Wynands.

Imaginarium: Imagining a Better City

Imaginarium2011.07.03 - Kevin Makins - Imaginarium: Imagining a Better City

Isaiah 65, Zechariah 8, Jeremiah 29, Philippians 3

The third and final sermon in our series on creativity and imagination. 

Christians can sometimes think that our ultimate hope is non-physical, other-worldly, and more or less disconnected from our experiences here and now. But the God of the bible is constantly reaffirming this world as good, sacred, and worth rescuing. 

God is always concerned with place - and specifically, with cities. If we are going to work for the good of our city, we are going to need to learn how to see it with fresh eyes.

And this will require imagination.

Music led by Joel Cumby and a rocking band - starts 45 min in.