GET BEHIND ME SANTA! - Throwing Spears in the Devil's Territory

The Light of the World

2012.12.23 - Kevin Makins - GET BEHIND ME SANTA!

Throwing Spears in the Devil’s Territory

Matthew 4

Our apocalyptic Christmas ends with Jesus vs. Satan in the wilderness.

As soon as you mention “the devil” you have some clarifying to do. In our world people can often swing to extremes, either seeing satan in every doorknob or denying spirituality all together.

But the New Testament is consistently warning us that there is a spirit of the world at work, and if we are going to truly defeat evil we have to first do battle with the powers behind the scenes.

Along the way we talk about political powers, redemptive violence, Disney movies, the NRA, and throwing spears.

Music led by Aaron Craig - starts 37 minutes in.