Sue Carr Shares Some Wisdom

Beautiful photo by Henry Liu -

Beautiful photo by Henry Liu -


For the next few weeks at Eucharist Church we're going to be interviewing people who inspire us, and who we think are full of wisdom. 

This week we got to kick off our conversations with a bang!
Sue Carr is the Executive Director of "541 - Eatery & Exchange" - one the most innovative and entrepreneurial ministries in Canada.

Sue touched on her life story and themes of vocation, family, risk, and following God through all sorts of strange and wild turns.

Read more about 541 Eatery and Exchange by clicking here!

Good News Boiled Down

Good News Boiled Down

This Little Light of Mine
Mark 12, 2 Corinthians 5
Kevin Makins

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How did such a simple message get so complicated? 

We also interview our friend Sue, who shares about her journey of learning to follow Jesus, and what it was like when people would try to "evangelize" her before she was going to church. Her reflections are so good and so fresh.