Bodies: God Blessed Your Body

Bodies: God Blessed Your Body

Advent 2015: Sexuality & Incarnation

Genesis 1, John 1, Psalm 33, Isaiah 40 & 55 & 53

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When God entered into humanity, he did so in a body. A physical body that got sick, and did manual labour, and smelled bad sometimes. 

He had a real body.

We live in a world obsessed with image, and sex, and weight... but it's a world that is very "anti-body".

But what if God, in taking on a body, blessed all bodies? 

Your body is blessed.

ACT IV: The Chapter We Don't Talk About - The Sign of Jonah


2014.10.26 - Kevin Makins - The Sign of Jonah

ACT IV: The Chapter We Don’t Talk About

Jonah 4

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When you hear the story of Jonah it’s often told as a Three Act Play: Jonah hears God’s calling and flees, he’s swallowed up by a sea monster and changes his mind, he goes to Nineveh and BAM! they repent.

But there’s a fourth act in Jonah, a chapter we don’t talk about, and it’s probably the strangest part in the story!

And ultimately it asks the question: what do we do when we’re #blessed?

Note: At 41 minutes there is a brief financial update from Matt Willard!