Bodies: God Blessed Your Body

Bodies: God Blessed Your Body

Advent 2015: Sexuality & Incarnation

Genesis 1, John 1, Psalm 33, Isaiah 40 & 55 & 53

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When God entered into humanity, he did so in a body. A physical body that got sick, and did manual labour, and smelled bad sometimes. 

He had a real body.

We live in a world obsessed with image, and sex, and weight... but it's a world that is very "anti-body".

But what if God, in taking on a body, blessed all bodies? 

Your body is blessed.

Scandal: Why Start This Way?

Scandal: Why Start This Way?

Advent 2015: Sexuality & Incarnation

Matthew 1

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Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary. A classic Christmas statement! 

But that's how we tell the story NOW. At the time the story was this:

A man and woman were engaged to be married, and she became pregnant... from someone who she was not engaged too...

And that wasn't viewed positively. 

Strong language warning, but in the eyes of their society: 

Mary was a slut, Joseph was a sucker, and Jesus was a bastard.

Knowing what we know, it can be hard to understand just how much of a SCANDAL the whole situation was. 

Which, for me, raises the question: 

God, was there no better way to begin the incarnation? Why begin in scandal? 

Turns out there are some VERY good reasons!

Purity: Glass of Wine, Glass of Urine

Purity: Glass of Wine, Glass of Urine

Advent 2015: Sexuality & Incarnation

Luke 8, Leviticus 15, Numbers 19

When you think of Advent and Christmas, what comes to mind?

Mangers? Sheep and oxen? Snow and hot chocolate? God with us?

All good answers. But we’ve talked about that stuff before! Let’s face it, after years and years (and years) of Advent, we could be tricked into thinking we’ve mined the depths of the season, and there is nothing left to discover.

But this, of course, would be a huge mistake… because there is always more to discover.

Advent is about the anticipation of GOD taking on FLESH. God coming entering into God’s creation, taking on our skin, purifying our world, and birthing something new in the midst of it.

And there’s something… deeply sexual about the whole thing!

So what if we explore that for Advent 2015? What might we learn about our relationship with God, with one another, with the creation and with our own bodies?

And how might it fill us again with wonder: Wonder at the Divine Mystery of the Incarnation!

This week we start with what it means to be pure and holy, and how it relates to sex, to God, and to Christmas!