Back to the Future - "May I Be Ripped Limb From Limb"


2013.04.28 - Kevin Makins - Back To The Future: Old Sermons That Shaped Us

“May I Be Ripped Limb From Limb”

Genesis 12, 15

For the next two months we are going to be preaching through old sermons that shaped our community.

To start we are going WAY back to the early days of Eucharist and looking at our first impression of God, the cross, and how we hold multiple worlds together in Christ.

Original song by Alex Drumm starts at 43 minutes.


This sermon is a “re-preach” of an earlier sermon at Eucharist. You can re-listen to the original sermon (from 2010) by clicking here!

The Thing I Am Most Afraid Of - Simon the Sorcerer


2013.04.14 - Kevin Makins - The Thing I Am Most Afraid Of: Two Sermons About Power

Simon the Sorcerer

Acts 8, John 14

If you were to ask me a few years ago what I was afraid of I would have probably said failure, but I’ve failed plenty of times, and now I’m not so scared of it.

I might have said weakness, but I’ve learned that God is with us even more in our weakness than in our strengths.

I might have said the devil or demons, and sure, that’s a frightening thing, but it’s not what I’m most afraid of. 

This is a sermon about what I am most afraid of.

Music led by Justine Lodder - starts 49 minutes in.

Easter Epilogue 2013 - What The Resurrection Means To Me

2013.04.24 - David Barker - Easter Epilogue 2013

What The Resurrection Means To Me

Dr. David Barker from Heritage Seminary takes us through his personal story looking at what the resurrection has meant to him, and how it confronts the way we view the world and the way we interact with God.

There is also a brilliant little section about doubt and faith, and how they work so well together.

Audio recording is medium quality, but you should be able to listen along just fine.

A joyful, gospel sing-a-long ruckus is led by Jared Both - starts 42 minutes in.