Back to the Future - Third Way


2013.06.02 - Kevin Makins - Back To The Future: Old Sermons That Shaped Us

Third Way

Matthew 5

How do we respond to violence and misuse of power? 

In our church and culture power is regularly abused, and often partners with violence in order to push it’s agenda. Jesus confronted these powers with a radical new response to their violence and abuse: third way thinking.

This week we are looking at Jesus’ teaching to turn the other cheek, give up our cloak as well, and to go the extra mile. 

At their worst, these teachings have suggested Jesus wanted those suffering to just “take the abuse.” This is not what Jesus is saying.

In context, Jesus is teaching something radical. He is showing his listeners how to disarm those who have power, and how to confront violent actions without resorting to violence.

Which of course, shows us more of what God is like.

Music by Rachel Van Oostveen and team, starts at 1:01