Phones are designed to be addicting
Technology and the Biblical Story
Connected but Alone
Confronting Our Technology Addiction

Has the Smartphone Destroyed a Generation?
Open letter to anyone who uses a phone
Article about “The Tech Wise Family"

The Tech Wise Family

Is technology good or bad? Should Jesus followers have smartphones and social media? Should we create A.I. or upload our brains to the cloud?

Let’s jump into this nuance series with the drug everyones already on: Technology.

Following the podcast is the “Speakers Corner” where people from the Sunday gathering “added their nuance” to this weeks topic. Give it a listen and then carry on the conversation!

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Technology: The Stencilling on the Casing of an Atomic Bomb


2014.06.08 - Kevin Makins - So What?

Technology: The Stencilling on the Casing of an Atomic Bomb

Genesis 11, Acts 2

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Some of the topics in this series are often talked about in church… but Christians rarely talk about technology.

Technology surrounds us: it’s cars and bikes and running shoes and smart phones and printed books and slides on a screen!

And it shapes us. Whether we want it to or not, technology changes us.