Brian Walsh & Sylvia Keesmaat - The Epic Wilderness Sermon


2014.02.23 - Brian Walsh & Sylvia Keesmaat

The Epic Wilderness Sermon

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Brian and Sylvia, authors of “Colossians Remixed”, happened to be preaching at Eucharist Church on our last week at St Paul’s Presbyterian, a church building we have been meeting in for a year and a half. They took the opportunity to present us with the grandest, most epic “wilderness” sermon you can imagine!

Moving through the entire biblical narrative, Brian and Sylvia told over a dozen stories, and gave us Spirit-filled reflections on community, wilderness, home, and God.

We followed our gathering with a huge potluck under a big tent in the back hall.

At the end of the podcast there is a recording of Hannah Essex, who gave us a closing reflection and led us in a blessing for St Pauls.

We also sang a massive medley that we used to say “goodbye” to the building. It can be found at

A Cluster of Grapes

grapes2012.08.26 - Kevin Makins

A Cluster of Grapes

Numbers 13

For our first week meeting in St Paul’s, we look back to Numbers 13 and the journey of the Israelites into the Promised Land, and realize that grace is a lot like a cluster of grapes or a bag of marshmallow bananas!

Music led by Joel Cumby (for the last time in a long while!) - starts 30 minutes in.