10 Simple Steps For Success!, Or, "What Do You Do?", Or, "How Many People Go To Your Church?", Or, "Does God Really Give A Rip?" - Church in the Wild

2014.03.09 - Kevin Makins - Church in the Wild

10 Simple Steps For Success!, Or, “What Do You Do?”, Or, “How Many People Go To Your Church?”, Or, “Does God Really Give A Rip?”

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Isaiah 6, Amos 5

Have you ever been asked “what do you do?” and had a little awkward moment? Have you ever felt like your life just wasn’t as successful as you hoped it would be?

Never fear! The sermon podcast from Eucharist Church is here to give you 10 Simple Steps To Success… Or more likely, to point out the ways in which the prophets blow the whole paradigm into little pieces.

Music led by Jeff Wynands, starts at minute 38.

Mustard Seeds. - You Don't Get To Know


2013.02.17 - Kevin Makins - Mustard Seeds.

You Don’t Get To Know

Mark 4

Anyone else feel super guilty that they don’t do all that they should in order to love God and others more? 

Anyone else feel completely overwhelmed by all the ways this world is busted and broken and falling apart? 

Anyone else ever tempted to just give up, eat some snacks and play video games for the rest of the month?

Ya, me too.

Music led by Aaron Craig - starts 33 minutes in.