Mustard Seeds. - Breathe


2013.03.03 - Jamie Robertson - Mustard Seeds.


John 20

Church historian Jamie Robertson preaches a really incredible sermon about Jesus breathing on the disciples, learning to find rest in a busy culture, taming the ego, and how he had a small influence on Brad Pitt’s life… sort of…

Also, apologies but the sermon recording sounds pretty awful. We lost one of the mic’s and blah blah blah… it just didn’t work ok! SORRY! WE’RE TRYING SO HARD! WE DON’T HAVE A HUGE STAFF TEAM OR ANYTHING! WE’RE JUST TRYING TO KEEP THIS PODCAST SHIP AFLOAT!!!

But seriously, it’s not too bad if you listen hard. Just treat it like an art-film that “asks something of you” as a viewer! … it’ll be better next time.

Music led by Rachel Van Oostveen - starts 29 minutes in.