Stream Leaders

In order to best equip one another for the work that God has called us to, we structure our congregation into streams, each of which help us live out part of our calling.

Our Streams are below. You can click on any names to email the stream leaders directly.

Sunday - Kevin Makins - kevin@eucharistchurch.ca
Discipleship - Stephen Edwards - discipleship@eucharistchurch.ca
Kids - Stephany Mercado - kids@eucharistchurch.ca
Mission - Dave Witt - mission@eucharistchurch.ca
Foundational - Elders - elders@eucharistchurch.ca


In addition to Stream Coordinators, we also have a team of Elders, who work at a higher level to make sure that the vision and values of the congregation are being implemented, and that the congregation is producing the fruit of the Spirit.

Our current elders are Matt P, Cindy S, Sue S, Ryan V, and Renee H, and Emma K.

For more information on our elders, or if you have a question for them, you can email them at elders@eucharistchurch.ca


Pastoral Staff

Serious pastoral work.

Serious pastoral work.

Jill Trites

Raised in Winnipeg, Jill came to Hamilton after university. She and her husband Rob have lived and worked in the Hamilton community for… a long time. They are so blessed to be part of the wide network of people who love Jesus and love Hamilton.

Jill’s career has had a few chapters, including occupational therapist, legal-medical consultant, chief operating officer, executive director of a not-for-profit organization, psychotherapist, and spiritual director. She has a Masters of Divinity from Tyndale Seminary.

Jill brings skills in organizational management, church leadership, and pastoral care to the role of developing systems and structures which equip us to live out our calling to discipleship and mission.

That she finds herself pastoring in a church at this point in her life is an awesome and amusing glimpse of God’s tenacity, his humour, and his ultimate grace and goodness to his kids.

You can email Jill using jill@eucharistchurch.ca




Kevin Makins

Kevin Makins is the founding pastor of Eucharist Church, which he planted with a great team back in 2010. 

Kevin is a born and raised Hamiltonian. In high school he worked as a camp counsellor in Beasley Park and fell in love with the downtown. 

Through storytelling, conversation and creative projects he is exploring what it means to follow Jesus in a post-Christian, Canadian culture. Kevin graduated from Heritage Seminary with a Masters of Divinity.

Kevin lives, works, plays and prays in downtown Hamilton with his wife Meg, baby, and housemates. He works on a number of other projects, including a series of YouTube videos related to life and faith.

You can email Kevin using kevin@eucharistchurch.ca