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Oh goodness. There is a lot happening this Lent, and this page is most certainly going to be uploaded many times over the next two months, so please continue to check back for new information.

Here's the big stuff:
We're buying a 125-year-old building and spending all of March fixing it up.
We're starting the next round of fundraising, hoping to raise around $400,000 in 2018.
We're walking through the gospel texts for Lent, looking at how Jesus flips the world upside-down. 
We're walking the road to crucifixion together.
And we're waiting on resurrection.

If there are any unanswered questions by the end of this, feel free to email Pastor Jill (jill@eucharistchurch.ca), Pastor Kevin (kevin@eucharistchurch.ca) or the Elders (elders@eucharistchurch.ca) and they will make sure to answer your questions!


Every Sunday gathering starts with coffee + tea at 3pm, with the service beginning at 3:30pm

Come April 1, we will be in our new building at 130 Victoria Ave N.

March 18 - Alison Witt preaching on LENT
March 25 - Kevin preaching on LENT (last service at 116 MacNab St S)

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April 1 - Easter Sunday
First Sunday Gathering at New Building
3pm for Coffee/Tea, 3:30 for Service
Pizza Party to Follow!
130 Victoria Ave N

Click here for Facebook event link.

March 30 -  Good Friday
Wake for a Righteous Man (Good Friday Service)
8pm at New Building
Please wear black, and bring drinks/snacks to share.
130 Victoria Ave N

Click here for Facebook event link.


Have you joined a small group yet? They are a great way to connect with others in our community. You can get an info card with all the group locations and contacts any Sunday, or check out the map of locations by clicking here.



Working on the Building

We need all hands on deck if we are going to strip, scrub, and refresh this entire building. 

Work Sessions

Throughout March we'll have a number of slots open, where you and your small group/friends/family can come and work. 

Click here for a link to the schedule. Sign up for dates you are available!

Barn Raising

Our Barn Raising event was a huge success, and though there is lots of work left to be done, we're grateful for everyone who showed up.

Click here to watch the video from the event.




The third Sunday of every month we are experimenting with a monthly meeting for any creative person in Eucharist, whether you are a writer, a creator of art, a musician, or some other discipline.

We'll spend some time in musical worship before breaking off into groups to work on creative projects for the next season. This month we'll be looking ahead to Easter!

Sunday March 18, after our gathering (6pm-ish)

At MacNab Presbyterian Church
(Our Sunday gathering space)

116 MacNab St S


With everything moving so quickly, we could use some time to sit together, talk about the building, and pray. These evenings are a time for us to do that.

Monday March 19, 7pm

The New Building
130 Victoria Ave N
Click here for Map




"The Messiah we see in the New Testament would have had enemies in high places no matter where he laded." - Robert Capon.

When Jesus walked on the scene he flipped everything on it's head. 

And it cost him his very life.

Join us this lent as we walk the road towards resurrection; following Jesus, step by step, through suffering and death. 

Together we'll find a whole new way to be human.