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EVERYTHING AUTUMN (September + October 2017)

This fall is going to be something special. We're going into our eighth year as a community, and there has never been a more exciting season. We're going to spend our Sunday's looking back on the story so far, and looking ahead to our next adventure. We're also going to continue exploring how God is calling us to be present in our neighbourhoods and with our neighbours, living questionable lives that point to God's Kingdom around and within us.

This document will be updated periodically, and is your one-stop for all Eucharist Church questions. 

If there are any unanswered questions by the end of this, feel free to email Pastor Jill (jill@eucharistchurch.ca), Pastor Kevin (kevin@eucharistchurch.ca) or the Elders (elders@eucharistchurch.ca) and they will make sure to answer your questions!


Every Sunday gathering starts with coffee + tea at 3pm, with the service beginning at 3:30pm sharp

September 10 - Supercrawl Sunday, Kevin preaching on creativity & courage
September 17 - Note the morning Town Hall!
10am - Town Hall Meeting at 130 Victoria Ave North
3:30 - Sunday Gathering: "The Assets of our Community" with a special guest Reesheda Graham-Washington
September 24 - "Same Page Sunday" Fall kick off, and starting our new sermon series "Telling it Back"

October 1 - POTLUCK SUNDAY (first Sunday of the month) - Telling it Back continues
October 8 - Telling it Back continues
October 15 - Telling it Back continues
October 22 - Telling it Back concludes
October 29 - Guest: Robin Ellis, Pastor and worker in Central Asia



A lot of people have asked about giving forms, and how to regularly tithe to Eucharist Church. You can bring money on a Sunday, give a one off gift, or give regularly through Pre-Authorized Deposit, which is the most predictable and helpful for us as a church. Click here to find out more about giving, download a PAD form, or read our theology of why we give.


We are in the middle of a longer discernment process around the future of our space.
These are evenings to work through our thoughts, ask questions, and seek God's wisdom about our future.
If you are a part of our community, please try to be at some of these gatherings!

Discernment Groups:

Group 1:
128 Hughson St N
Tuesdays, 7-8:30pm
September 26 + October 10

Group 2:
49 Murray Street West
Thursdays, 8-9:30pm
September 28 + October 12

Worship Night:

Thursday October 5, 7:30-9pm
At the Romanian Baptist Church, 
130 Victoria Ave N





Joint Choir with St Cuthberts

For the last year we've had a joint choir with St Cuthbert's Church, and it's a great way to get to know some other Christians, and to sing together! The group will perform occassionally at both St C's and Eucharist.

You can just show up without notice: Thursdays at 7:30pm, 2 Bond St N.


Living Rooms
(Eucharist Small Groups)

Our small groups, called "Living Rooms" will be relaunching in late September, with the details forthcoming. 

Come to Sunday gatherings, or watch this space, for all the details when they are confirmed.

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Worship Night on Victoria Street - October 5

Our friends at the Romanian Baptist Church (130 Victoria Ave N) want to host us for a night of worship and prayer, which we would encourage all of you to prioritize!

The exact time is yet to be confirmed, but it will be the evening. Mark your calendars!


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"Remember, you were salves in Egypt" This command is repeated to the Israelites over and over. Remember. Remember where you came from, remember your story; to quote the Lion King: "Remember whoooo yooouuu aaaaare!"

Because we forget our story all the time. And when we forget where we've come from, we forget who we've been called to be! 

As we enter into this coming year, we're going to spend five weeks looking back on the last seven years of Eucharist. Why did this community begin? Where have we seen God? When did we get hurt? Who is the Spirit making us?

The first step forward is to look back. 

Whether you're brand new to this community, or have been here since the first factory space, these stories will challenge you to dive deeper into God's story among us, and hopefully cause you to laugh a little bit! Series starts September 24. 


If you haven't yet connected with them, here are two people in our community who have stepped into new roles.

Pastoral Care Internship

His placement started back in April, and will be carrying through the fall. Rob would love to meet with you if you need a listening ear, someone to pray with, or any other form of pastoral care. Rob recently finished his M.A. at Wycliffe Seminary in Toronto, and is excited to take what he has learned into the classroom into the real world of our community and our city.

If you would like to meet for a coffee or a walk, please email Rob to set up a time. Click here to email him!


Kids Coordinator

Having started with a contract in April, Alissa Fairly is officially on staff indefinitely as our kids coordinator! We have a great Sunday kids program, and a lot of great kids in our church. Alissa is excited to work with our team to help our kids grow and evolve into all God desires them to be. Children are a sign of the Kingdom of God, and always have a place at the table of our church! 

You can contact Alissa by emailing kids@eucharistchurch.ca