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What is ReCamp?

ReCamp is a five evening event running from Tuesday September 17 to Saturday September 21, from 8-11pm every night. It will include a chance to connect with friends, new and old, extensive times of musical worship with a fantastic band, honest and hopeful teaching about re-engaging with God, and lots of fun surprises. 

Throughout the week there will be opportunities to join others for morning devotions, activities across the city, and a chance to meet with spiritual directors.

Chapel sessions will include teaching by Kevin Makins (Eucharist Church), Leanne Friesen (Mount Hamilton Baptist Church), and David Arnold (St Clair Community Church) and music with a band led by Ben McCullough and Miranda Crocket, including many people from different church communities. 

Registration is $25 in advance, or $30 at the door. 


Why ReCamp: 

There is something uniquely powerful about the summer camp experience. Joining a cabin, going to tuck shop, and playing games were all a part of it, but it was also a chance to take off your armour, reflect on the past year, and re-commit yourself to what matters most. For many raised in the church, summer camp was the time when faith first clicked in a personal way, and was a yearly rhythm that reconnected them to the source.

Even if most kids came home “changed” for a month and then went back to normal, it still mattered. Over years those small shifts created a massive transformation.

The problem is that you have to grow up. You get a job and take on debt, you have kids and pick up hobbies, you get busy and you get hurt by the world. And over time, slowly, life becomes a little more mundane. The mountaintop moments are few and far between. A healthy skepticism turns into a cold indifference, and there is no summer camp to help you process it all. 

But what if we could recapture the spirit of summer camp? What if we could make new friendships, sing songs and learn together, take down our armor, and intentionally engage with God for a week? And what if we did all this right in the middle of our city? 

We don’t need to pretend we aren’t tired and skeptical We don’t need to ignore our hurt and disappointments. We don’t need to escape the loud city. 

God wants to meet us exactly where we are, exactly as we are. 

Some Questions We Can Answer:

Are children welcome at ReCamp?

In order to create an atmosphere where people can engage with God without distraction, we are not allowing children to come. There will be an all ages event on Saturday during the day. 

Babies under six months are welcome.

Other than children, are there other age restrictions?

We encourage people of all ages (other than children, sorry kids) to attend ReCamp. The content will be tailored to those who are old enough to have been a little beat down by the world, but that’s pretty much anyone over 18. 

Is the event open to people from any church or no church?

Yes! We encourage anyone who desires to engage with community or God to join us for ReCamp.

Is the event open to people with no camp background?

Of course! Many of us on the planning team have no personal camp background. We aren’t trying to re-create camp, but bring the spirit of camp into our modern experiences.

Is this event associated with a church/denomination?

ReCamp is a partnership of people from many churches, including Eucharist Church, St Clair Community Church, the Meeting House, and Mount Hamilton Baptist, but the event does not represent any one community or denomination. 

What if I can’t make one night?

We really encourage people to prioritize attending every night of ReCamp. Much like camp, the power of the event isn’t in just one evening event, but setting aside time to have a full week long experience. If there is an emergency we understand, but really encourage people to be there all week.

We also understand that many couples will be unable to get babysitting for five nights in a row. In that case, we recommend one couple prioritize being at camp, and the other come on the nights they are able. If a partner is visiting for just one or two nights, they are welcome to join without paying for an additional ticket. 

What are cabins and how will they be set up?

There will be more details at the event, but cabins will be a small group you check in with each day, and will form a “group chat” that can be used during the day. You will be able to choose at least one friend to be with you in your cabin, but you will also be with other people you don’t know as well.

Each cabin will have a “cabin leader” who will help organize and direct the group.

Will ReCamp be awesome?

Probably. Start praying for the week and you’ll up the chances!


Tuesday September 17

Orientation and Opening Chapel, 8-11

Wednesday September 18

Cabin Time and Chapel, 8-11

Thursday September 19

Cabin Time and Chapel, 8-11

Friday September 20

Choose Your Own Adventure Activities & Dance Party, 8-Late

Saturday September 21

Daytime All Ages Event, Open to All, 12-4

Final Chapel, 8-11


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