Small Groups - Living Rooms

While we gather together as one large group on Sunday, we also gather together weekly in smaller groups. 

Living Rooms are groups that gather together to live out the life of faith as a community. We encourage people to attend the group that meets closest to them, provided the evening time works for them. If you are new to Eucharist, and hoping to connect with other new people, one of the groups below is tagged as an "introduction" group, and will be specifically tailored towards new people.

How to Join a Living Room

To request the address and contact for a group either pick up a Living Room card on Sunday, or email Jill Trites, one of our pastors, and she will get back to you as soon as possible!

Maranatha - Julia Soderholm

Maranatha - Julia Soderholm


In our congregation there are a number of people who disciple other people, within our church structure. Think small group leaders, kids coordinators, missional leaders, etc. 

In order to best disciple those who disciple others within our church, we have a number of "Huddles."

Huddles are small groups that help people hear the voice of God as they engage in the high-challenge work of discipleship and mission. We ask all of our leaders to be in a Huddle.

We are working off of 3DM's model for Huddles. If you would like to read more, click here to go to their website.

If you would like to engage in a Huddle you should first consider whether you are willing to dive into a place of discipling others intentionally, or leading others into mission. If so, talk to Kevin, Jill, or Steve on a Sunday and they'll talk to you about next steps! 

Spring Classes

Every Spring we offer classes that look at a range of topics through the lens of following Jesus.

This year we have an excellent line up of classes featuring some great teachers. We'd love to have you sign up.

Click here to register for this years classes.

Psalm 137 - Hannah Essex

Psalm 137 - Hannah Essex