Spring Classes 2018

We are excited to offer five excellent classes this year. All of them will be at our new building, 130 Victoria Ave N. 

Classes begin Sunday May 6 and Tuesday May 8.

They run for four weeks, breaking on the week of the May Long Weekend (May 20 + 22).


Tuesdays 7-9pm

Intro to Christian Parenting with Natalie Frisk
Slow Kingdom Coming with David Witt
How to Read the Bible with Stephen Edwards

Sundays 11-1pm

Enneagram Next Level with Sue Hamilton - CLASS FULL
Christian Approaches to War and Peace with Adam Rudy

$25 registration fee payable at first class.

Scholarships available for people in need.

If you would like to donate a scholarship, please let Kevin, Jill, or Steve know.

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Class Descriptions

Intro to Christian Parenting
Natalie Frisk

Intro to Christian Parenting will help parents discover their role as "disciplers" of their own kids. The sessions will cover practical ideas for every day discipling, general ideas through the various developmental years, and will provide time for parents to connect and learn from other parents.

Slow Kingdom Coming
David Witt

A book study of "Slow Kingdom Coming" -

We will explore together how to make a start at living out our convictions about justice by digging into the book-- Slow Kingdom Coming - click here to see a description of the book. 

"Over the past twenty years I've personally and professionally succumbed to various failed justice shortcuts instead of living the freedom of faithful practices. I'm still confessing regularly my faults and my longing to better participate in justice--that God's kingdom would come on earth as in heaven. But I've also seen people be incredibly generous with their time, talents and money in ways that inspire about humanity and are testimonies to God's love... I've seen hope stay tenaciously alive when by almost any measure it should be dead.  I've seen ingenuity and humility in service of love. Out of my experiences I've written this book about doing good without hiding from the bad--both around us and within us--because we're called to be part of God's kingdom coming.”

In this course we will explore the five practices and what it might look like to live them out in our lives individually and as the Eucharist community.

How to Read the Bible
Stephen Edwards

What is the Bible? Why do we read it? And most importantly: How do we read it? We'll explore the patterns and themes within the Bible. How to discover them and then how fun it can be to read with them in mind.  We'll ask the question: "What does the Bible mean for how God works in the world and in transforming me into the life of Christ?"

Next Level Enneagram - CLASS FULL
Sue Hamilton

What is the Enneagram?  An ancient way to reflect on and analyze our fundamental desires and how we relate to the world and others.  For those who haven't explored this before there will be an intro and a chance to see which ‘number’ you operate like. Then there will be next level discussions of how this impacts relationships at work and in your personal life.  All through we will ask the question of how is God at work in my life as I operate by default on this way? What is the Holy Spirit seeking to transform?

Christian Approaches to War and Peace
Adam Rudy

Sadly, war is a human phenomenon that never really disappears. At any given point there is warfare occurring somewhere on this planet, although most of it goes unreported by western media. Every generation in the twentieth century faced at least one major war in their lifetime. How should you respond to war? How would your faith shape your response? This class is will study the various Christian perspectives on war beginning with the Old Testament and moving right up to the present. The class will include discussion of just war theory, Christian pacifism, and the crusades with the aim of clearing up prevalent misunderstandings about each of these perspectives and equipping the students to form their own position. This class will emphasize group discussion, though some “lecturing” will be necessarily interspersed throughout.