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5th Annual Nap Sunday & Cereal Potluck - January 1

Eucharist Church welcomes you to join us for what is debatably the most important Sunday gathering of the year: Nap Sunday.

If by chance the event name is too subtle, here is some clarification: on Nap Sunday we gather as a church, but instead of listening to a sermon we nap for 30 minutes. 

It's as good as it sounds.

But there is a deeply theological component to napping! By the end of the Christmas rush, most of us have been driving from city to city, and have been busy for months with cooking, cleaning, gift buying... it's exhausting! 

What we need to know, at the end of the busyness, is that we are the beloved of God, whether or not we produce anything at all. 

So bring a blanket, a pillow, and even some PJ's. 

Let's gather together to sing, to pray, to confess our sins and receive forgiveness, to eat bread and drink wine... and to nap.

Because nothing says grace like snoring in church!

Following the service we'll have a Cereal Potluck - so please bring a box of your favourite cereal and/or some milk, as well as bowls and spoons for yourself and your household. You can also bring an extra bowl for anyone who forgets! 

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