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This Sunday / Let's Make Church a More Welcoming Place: For "Hospitaliteam" and Others Who Care

We're having a meeting for anyone who is interested in making our church more welcoming and hospitable, especially for those who are new to the city, new to the country, or new to faith.

Sarah welcomes angels without knowing it.

Sarah welcomes angels without knowing it.

We all want to see people caught up in the life of Christ, and growing in their faith both individually and communally, but often what stands in the way is a simple welcome. Let's work on bridging the gap between those new or outside our community, and those of us who call it home.

We'll have a few people telling stories about how they received, or did not receive, welcome in Eucharist, and have a conversation about how to grow in this area. We'll also roll out a plan together to create a space hospitable enough to call itself Christian!

If you're a part of "Hospitaliteam" at Eucharist this meeting is crucial, but it's also open to ANYONE who believes that welcome and hospitality is crucial.

Let's do this, Eucharist.